Barry Island

Awhile back my University flatmate and myself headed down to Barry Island a small beach town 30 minutes away from Cardiff. It was absolutely stunning and a nice little getaway as it only took half an hour on the train! We walked along the shore line before heading up the little hill with the houses you see in the photo bellow. It was a beautiful and relaxing little walk with breathtaking views that I didn’t even excited so close to Cardiff. IMG_9393 IMG_9406

What a view!! IMG_9428 IMG_9438 IMG_9440 We also found a bundle of red roses on top of the hill and being the weirdos we are made up the backstory about the roses. A young couple in their middle twenties came here on a date and the guy had brought red roses with him because he wanted to say “I love you” to the woman for the first time. As they reached the top and he finally said it the woman got really freaked out and decided that he wasn’t The One and then they broke up. Yeah, we always make up stories like that! It’s all good fun tho haha. IMG_9441I’m in Malaysia at the moment for easter break, but I’ll make a post about that very soon!

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University life


I’m sitting here procrastinating by writing a list of all my upcoming university deadlines. And believe me, I have a lot of them! It’s starting to stress me out somewhat and what do I do? I decorate a poster with these deadlines, start watching the new season of Suits (smart) and eat avocado sandwiches thinking about how I wish I had some chocolate or crisps here.  I should seriously get to work though. Oh and if anyone are wondering I study International Business Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University and I’m loving it! I am having such a great time, made lots of new friends and learning so much about life. IMG_9390Speak soon!

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Cardiff Bay


Today was such a beautiful day in Cardiff. For the past couple of weeks we have had a mixture of snow/wind/rain and just in general miserable cold freezing weather, but today was different! It was such a nice sunny day with no clouds and no wind that I took a trip down to Cardiff Bay to have a look around and to enjoy the sunshine. The Bay was full of people and it was really a brilliant day out in Cardiff. For the first time in a very long time I felt warm! Such a great feeling when you live in cold windy Wales.IMG_9375 IMG_9384IMG_9380How idyllic isn’t this? Ahh, crossing my fingers for more day like this!

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First CrossFit experience

So I’ve been to my first two CrossFit classes! Let me tell you about my experience so far!

First off, the box aka the gym for normal people is freezing cold. It;s like people in there aren’t even real people! Cardiff is very cold at the moment. I’m talking sub zero degrees, lots of wind and in general just miserable, grey and COLD. When I go to a gym I like to sweat, to be warm and working out in shorts and a tank-top. At Reebok CrossFit Cardiff that is impossible. Since the box is in a old warehouse and the doors are always open it’s the same temperature inside as outside. I noticed. The other people on the on ramp course noticed. But the real crossfitters seemed to feel like they were in a tropical paradise. I don’t get it! I felt like I did in the photo bellow.
Okay, so I’v complained about the weather now let’s get into the real stuff! I came 20 minutes early and stood outside peeking through the door for about 15 minutes to scared to walk in because the guys I saw through the door were RIPPED. Deadlifts, clean-jerks, handstands, pull-ups and all the crazy stuff with weight more than twice my weight! It was intimidating.

I finally picked up the courage to go in. The first half an hour we spend working on squats, deadlifts and other basic movements like push-ups and sit-ups. I’ve done all of those movements before so for me it wasn’t a big deal, but I could see other people struggling. After the basic techniques it was time for my first ever CrossFit workout.

200m run
15-12-9 reps of:
200m run

My time was 5:46 a pretty decent time I think, I was one of the first to finish and yes I found it hard, but not as tired as I expected. Walking out of the box I wasn’t sure if CrossFit would be for me, but I came back for the second lesson two days after and that was much better. I’m still not sure about this, but I’l definitively give it a fair shot!IMG_8523

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Power Honesty Money


Okay, so we’ve all seen those super annoying Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest posts with just a bunch of letter and the heading tells you that the three first words you see will be what you achieve and should focus on for the new year. Yeah, I stumbled upon one of those today and because I was so bored and was really looking for a way to waste time I took one minute out of my incredibly boring day to find my three words.

The first word I found was power. Okay, not going to lie here, that made me super happy! To myself I was thinking that “yes! Crossfit and 5km runs is what I should be focusing this year.” Good for me because I felt like I was getting some approvement from a higher power (see what I did there). Btw, I’m now officially signed up for a two week Crossfit beginners course to learn all the basic movements to really get me started. In Cardiff where I live there’s a Reebok CrossFit Gym and to me it looked very professional and like a great way to start and they also do student discounts for memberships and when you live like a poor student like myself all the help you can get is great. I paid £75 for the two week course and the membership is £42.50 a month so that’s not too bad!
Honesty, hmm. That’s a tougher one. The first thing that popped to mind for me was being honest with myself. I know I have a tendency to lie to myself about how I’m feeling and to others about what I’m really thinking or feeling about something. I’m a person that enjoys spending time by myself, but sometimes I feel like I’m not “allowed” to be by myself when everyone in my flat is going out. Mostly because I don’t want to feel like I’m being left out, or that I’m weird for not wanting to hangout or that I won’t be accepted by my new friends. So with the new word honesty I’m going to be honest about what I want to do and if that means not going with my flatmates to get stupidly drunk then hey, guess what? I’m not gonna go!

The last one is money. That could either be a good thing and mean that I’ll win the lottery soon (crossing my fingers) or that I’ll be an even poorer student than what I already am. Hopefully it’s the first scenario it refers to, but if I’m being realistic it’s probably a very very minimal chance of that happening (mostly because I don’t even play the lottery..) so guess I’m gonna start saving up my pennies just incase.
IMG_0555Hopefully I won’t be eating like this for the rest of the year!

Who knows what’s going to happen in the future, I just know I’m going to do everything I can to make it a good one!

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Guess where I am!? In my hometown Longyearbyen, which translates into Longyear City. I’m staying here for a week before going to Ny-Ålesund for a couple of days to go on a research boat were I’ll be helping my father out dissecting polar cod! I’ve done it before a couple of times, but I’ve never been a part of the whole process of catching, dissecting and recording findings so that should be fun, I can’t wait!/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/015/60806078/files/2015/01/img_2439.jpgAhh, it’s so good to be home. I haven’t been here during winter for almost seven (!!) years. I’ve really missed it and I’m so pleased to be back even though it’s bitter sweet since all my old friends are gone and everything is new. Today I’m going to the swimming pool for some exercise, finally! /home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/015/60806078/files/2015/01/img_2538.jpg

If anyone has any questions about anything feel free to ask!

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The CrossFit and 5k challenge.


So this year I have set my self a few challenges (or goals however you want to look at it) and I have already signed up for a weekly 5 km run, the one I mentioned in my last blogpost. I have also signed up for a two week long CrossFit beginners course in the start of February to really give me a kickstart on my road to getting back on the running tracks this year.IMG_8534

For the past two days I’ve watched countless CrossFit videos and I alternate between feeling absolutely terrified and super excited to see what this is all about. I’m mostly nervous about realising how out of shape and unfit I’ve become after literally not doing any exercise for about 5 months. It’s hard for me to think about how I used to train about six times a week for a good solid 2 hours every session to injuring my back and breaking my ankle and to then not do any form of exercise, but that’s about to change, dramatically!IMG_1366

I have so much motivation to start and really get this new lifestyle and I just wanna get one it now, but as I’m currently on the road travelling and I don’t have the opportunity to go to the gym or even go outside for a run since it’s so cold and icy outside I just have to wait until I get back home to Cardiff. I have also decided to do something about my diet. I wouldn’t say I eat that badly regular, but I have a habit of skipping meals and snacking on granola bars and chocolate throughout the day. Not a great habit! I also have a tendency to skip dinner, mostly because I’m to lazy to cook a proper meal for myself, but I have downloaded a few cooking/recipe apps onto my phone so hopefully I will get something good going on in the kitchen.Nike motivation

I have to admit this though, I am somewhat scared of losing motivation before I really get going with this so if anyone of you have some tips to keep motivated that would be appreciated!

Until next time, Ida!

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Page 1 of 365

Let’s make 2015 a year to remember. Let it be filled with happiness, travel, new experiences, family, both old and new friendships and everything else that makes life worth living and all that fills you with happiness.IMG_2485

2014 was a good year for me. I moved from Malaysia to the UK and made new friendships I think will last for a lifetime in university. Starting university in Cardiff was one of the highlights of my year and I’m so happy with my decision and everything that came out of it. I’m looking forward to continuing with my new life in 2015 and I have a strong feeling this year is going to be filled with even more happiness and life experiences.

When it comes to resolutions I have a few. Some with out a specific target and some with. My main goal this year is to get back on track (literally) with track & field and to help me achieve this I have signed up for ParkRun. ParkRun is a 5km race every Saturday that are held in several countries around the world and my goal is to compete twice a month as part of my track regime. I know I can do it!

My second “resolution” is to focus on my university work and to strive to be the best I can be in that area. A simple goal, with a lot of distractions to take my eyes of the ball. Focus, focus, focus.IMG_1937

So here’s to 2015, please be good to everyone of us!

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Recent artwork

I’ve had long hours on planes and trains travelling between London, Cardiff and Oslo and it’s given me lots of time to just sit down, block out the world and just draw. While in London four days ago I bought myself a new drawing book, pencil and pen and thought I’d share what I’ve been working on.

IMG_7823 IMG_7824

This is my favourite. Funny/awkward story about the peacock drawing. I was on the train going from Cardiff to London and I was sat at one of those table seats. Opposite from me is this really awkward looking bloke. I recon he was around 25++ and after sitting there for a while he tries to strike up a conversation with me. I had nothing against it and just wanted to be polite so I replied to his questions, but didn’t make a massive effort to keep the conversation going. The journy from Cardiff to London normally takes 2ish hours and I figured I would be fine since it doesn’t take that long and I could just focus on my peacock and then get of the train before having to talk to much. But no, the train was veeery delayed and it took over four (!!) hours to get to London Paddington. I felt so awkward after a while since I knew he was trying to chat me up and to be brutually honest he was doing a terrible job. Don’t even get me started on his pickup lines. Not good, but I do like my peacock drawing tho.

IMG_7825 IMG_7826This last one started out as a feather, but then turned into a leaf, but now I’m not sure what it is anymore. It’s not done so I still have time to decide what it is.

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Hello. I just left Dubai after 10 days there. I stayed with my family that lives in Dubai and i had a really nice time. It was super relaxing and I didn’t do much apart from laying by the pool, lunching and going to the gym.Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 8.38.28 AMThis was my third trip to Dubai and it’s a weird place to be honest. On the surface it’s all nice and shinny and fluffy candy, but with a dark hidden secret. So much goes on in that country it makes me sick thinking about it. Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 8.38.08 AM This visit I didn’t do any of the typical tourist stuff like going to Jamirah beach or visiting Burj Kalifa or Burj Al Arab because honestly, once is enough. It’s great to see, but I’ve traveled so much lately that I just wanted to relax and read my books in peace. And get my tan on. IMG_7507 Do I look any darker? I hope so haha. I’m in Norway now and freezing to death (almost) so off to make myself a cup of boiling green tea I brought with me from Japan.

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For my 18th birthday my dad gave me a five days trip to Tokyo with him. I loved every minute of it! Trust me on this, if you go to Japan you will love it! I was super excited to go and I’m not gonna lie, I had crazy high expectations. Did my expectations match up with reality? Not at all. I’m not gonna be one of those cliches and say it exceeded, it was just different then what I expected. Not in a bad way, just different. I imagined cosplay everywhere i turned and fluffy Japanese teddybears on every street corner. Don’t get me wrong we did see that, but that wasn’t all Tokyo had to offer. Tokyo is just so much more.

IMG_3220I had so much fun forcing my dad to do this with me. I even got to put makeup on him (on the screen..). Only thing is that it was all in Japanese and we didn’t understand how to do it until the time was almost up, that’s why only some of them are edited.

Mount Fuji. The highest point in Japan. We picked the worst possible day to go. Visibility was around 1 meter, 4 degrees and rain. But we had fun even though we drove three hours to see nothing (literally).

Me and daddio. This is the first day and we were both super jet lagged, but it was interesting seeing japanese temples.

IMG_8696 View from out hotel room. We stayed in a five star hotel, but I’m not gonna lie. Service wasn’t that great and went (yes, when not if!) I go back I won’t be staying there even though the location was splendid.

IMG_8820 2G3B2202Sushi in Tokyo was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Sushi, maki, sashimi and everything else they served never tasted that good and it will never ever be the same.

So for all the rest of you wanting to go to Japan and Tokyo. GO!!

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Weird and wacky Japanese sweets pt. 1


I’m in Japan and they sell so much weird and wacky stuff. Food and sweets are no exceptions and I decided to taste my way through it and it’s been a weird experience. Here is part one of the craziness of Tokyo sweets

The smell. I opened the bag and I could smell it from a meter a way, it’s that strong. I would describe it as going into a store the sells gummy bears, but only the kind that taste like lemons. The taste is alright, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to find it. It’s got a very citrusy taste to it and every colour taste the same. I’ve had about eight of them now and I’m starting to feel quite sick so moving on to the next one.

These are pop-crackles with insane power. I just put a good amount in my mouth and it hurts! They pop like mad and I think if I put the whole thing in my mouth my tongue would start to bleed. I think that might be way they included the white mints, they reduce the crackling a but when you chew it. The taste it pleasant and subtle and reminds me of grape and red wine.

I.LOVE.THESE. omg, I need to feel up my suite case with at least 10 of these amazing chocolate mushrooms. The stem is made from a non-sweet biscuit and the hat is made from sweet semi-dark chocolate. The taste and combo is fantastic. Japan, well done. I will be back just for this. IMG_8841ゼリーカップ
Ehh, this is getting weird. It’s jelly in a cup and that’s it. Nothing more nothing less. When you first open it up it’s a thin layer of what I would call sauce and it reminds me a little bit of mint toothpaste. The jelly taste like nothing at all. Just a jelly consistency with nothing to bite into. All of the colours taste and smells like the same and leaves you with a feeling of something covering your teeth.

This was tasty. It didn’t have that sweet sickening taste, it was just like bubblegum that you swallowed. The taste, smell and texture/consistency. As most (all) japanese things, I would categorize this under weird and wacky, but not in a bad way!

Part two will follow shortly!

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My 18th birthday


On the sixteenth of May was my 18th birthday and I had a blast. I started the day of with being woken up at 6:30 to a wonderful breakfast consisting of a lovely fruit salad, strawberry tarts and orange juice served in champagne glasses. I then had a long shower before going for a spa day with my mum. We both had full body scrub, full body massages and then we got our nails done. For lunch we had sushi on the go while making our way home to get dressed for the rest of the night.

We had a dinner reservation at 7pm at Grand Hyatt, Thirty8. It’s a very nice five star restaurant with the best view over Kuala Lumpur. We had a very good dinner with fantastic food and champagne. I also received the best birthday gift ever! It’s the most gorgeous gold ring with a diamond in the middle. It really is wonderful.ImageImageImageImageImage

After a very cosy and fun afternoon dinner we went home and I got changed to g out with friends. What a great day and night. I didn’t get home until 2am after a very successful 18th birthday!

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AP Statistics Exam

I’m freaking out!

You know those goats that just fall over when they get stressed out or scared? That’s me. I need to do well on this exam, but because I know how bad I am in this subject and I know it’s gonna be damn hard I haven’t studied as much as I should have.Luckily I have today off tho so as son as I get out off bed and put some clothes on I will be revising my ass off at Starbucks with the best Ice Shaken Lemon Tea. If you go to Starbucks, but you’re not a fan of either tea or coffee it’s the drink for you. It like a cold lemonade but not as sweet, more like an apple juice taste with hint of lemon in it. If that made any sense.

Anyways, time for me to make myself presentable so I do’t scare anyone when I walk out the door. First I just want to show off my Indian jewellery that I bought to go with my saree that I’m having made. It’s so beautiful. My mum had one made as well for this Indian party she’s going to and I wanted one even though I can’t go because I have prom that night.

2AD801C1-50B5-4212-8453-F0B1A9481650 86B62FEA-3A6C-4B87-BB56-4DD1C642E04A

Okay the last photo isn’t the most flattering and that’s not what the saree is going to look like when it’s done, this is just the fabric I’m using. It’s being sawn specifically for me, but I wanted to show you guys anyways.

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Refugee boy by Benjamin Zephaniah

Refugee boy is the definition of the literary technique, foreshadowing. We know from just reading the tittle of the book that the boy we meet in the first couple of pages have a rough future ahead. Refugee boy gives both a realistic and unrealistic view of life for a young boy that has had to flee from war and how to cope with a new and unfamiliar way of life.

The first two chapters sets the mood and tone for the rest of the book by introducing us, the reader, to life in two countries in war against each other. Alem, the main character, is half Eritrean and half Ethiopian and is wanted in neither countries. His mum and dad are strong believers in a united Africa with peace and happiness, but currently there is now room for channeling those opinions. The family therefor sees now other option then to send their son to England, hoping they can keep him safe from the fighting and fear they have to live with every day.

With Alems best interest in mind his father takes him on what he believes will be a great holiday to London. It starts out great for Alem and he’s enjoying his time with his dad in London, until the second day. He wakes up with his father gone and after waiting around for a bit the hotel keeper enters his room with a letter addressed to Alem from his father. This is the turning point for Alem and his new and very different life with different people and several households.

The next few months his life is a never-ending roller coaster with ups and downs and horrible and unthinkable disasters. Sadly, it is not hard to imagine that Alem could be a real boy. In the risk of giving a way some big spoilers I’m not going to get into the end of the book, but the human capability of coping when life is hard and the light in the end of the tunnel is so weak it barley lights up a single grain of sand is truly remarkable.

My opinion on the book is divided. On one hand I did really enjoy the book and it was interesting and to some extent I’m sure it gave a view of what life is like when coming to England as a refugee. On the other hand the author had taken certain liberties that I don’t think served the purpose of the book. The chapter leading up to the end of the book was the letdown for me. It was to far of a stretch and the “magic” of the book was ruined for me.

Language: English
Pages: 291
Score: 6/10
1-word-summary: Alright

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IMG_8139 IMG_8118

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If I could turn back time.

If I had the option to turn back time I’m not sure if I would. Yes, it would be great to turn the clock back and relive the happy moments like my victory race in last years IASAS track and field competition or the day of my confirmation when I was fifteen. If I could go back in time I would also be able to avoid certain mistakes I’ve made throughout my almost eighteen years long life. I have regrets and bad memories from bad decisions and poor judgment and who wouldn’t want to live without these regrets? So what is my answer to wether or not I want to go back in time? My first immediate reaction to the question is, as anyone would most probably guess, a load and clear yes! The goods could be relived and the bads avoided, but after thinking about it for a good two minutes I’ve changed my mind 180 degrees.


There is a saying that goes “without evil there can be no good”. This saying is what made me change my opinion. There is no doubt that I have made poor decisions and I want to be without these experiences, but at the same time they have helped shaping me into the person I am today at this very moment. I am stronger, wiser and trust my instincts more due to the past. I specifically remember one event that really made me rethink the way I would just follow others. It was halloween night and I was invited to a house party. Close to everyone in my grade was going and the hype before was so high you could feel it in the air. A few days before the party I had this feeling in my gut that I shouldn’t go. I didn’t know why and I wasn’t able to put my feeling into words, it just felt wrong. Days past and the only thing on peoples mind was the party. I still wasn’t able to shake off feeling that nothing good would come out of this night, but I got an outfit and I arranged with friends how we would get there. The night came and I got dressed, put makeup on and braided my hair. The feeling in my gut and my chest only got worse with every tick of the clock. In retrospective I know I should have stayed home and done something productive with my night, but I didn’t. Everyone I knew were going and I wasn’t string enough to stand up for myself and do what I deep inside know was right. I was a sheep without a voice of my own. We arrived at the party and it turned into a disaster for me. I made a fool out of myself and to this day I cringe when I think of that night or when someone brings it up. But would I be without this experience if I could choose?


This is where the “no goods without the bads” come in. I learned to stand up for myself that night and I know to always follow my guts and own intuition. It made me stronger, although it certainly didn’t feel like it the morning after, and I learned a valuable life lesson that night. I trust my guts more now. Yesterday I got this terrible feeling about prom. Nothing happened that made me change my previous opinion about prom, I was actually rather excited to spend the night with my friends all dressed up, but not anymore. I don’t have a reason not to go, but I’m going to stand put on the decision I made last nigh about not going. I’m less of a follower now and more of a leader. I make the choices that are right for me without thinking about what I will be missing out on. I do whats best for me after that night.


To tie this back to the overall question about traveling back in time my final answer is a polite no thank you. I don’t want to change the events that made me into me and I don’t want to relive al the good memories I’ve had. I would rather make new memories that I can add to my collection. I’m choosing look ahead instead of over my shoulder and I’m ready to take on everything life hands me without any feeling of loss or regret. The only place I’ll ever be is in the now and I’m not interested in wasting time looking back or planning to far ahead.

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SCUBA diving trip to Pulau Tenggol

I got home from Pulau Tenggol (english: Tenggol Island) yesterday after a two days trip to this beautiful island. We, me and my youngest brother, got five dives in and saw lots of amazing stuff. My favourite thing to see when diving is without any doubt clown fish, or as most people knows it by, Nemo!


I just love the mood of these photos. It’s so warm and full of sunshine. We had perfect weather the whole time and I even managed to catch the sun as much as I’d hoped to.

The sand was super smooth and the grains were tiny. It was almost as nice as Redang, but not quite. Closest I’ve ever come to anything like it though.


Me scuba diving. This is from the first dive I think and I saw a reef shark. It wasn’t a big one, but still pretty cool

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 8.20.17 PM

I made a video from out trip so please check it out!

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Road tripping to Penang


Last friday we got spring break at school and I went with a few friends on a road trip to Penang! We took a bus from KL Central and it was terribly late. It was supposed to leave at 4:45 pm and we came to the station 20 minutes early sweating and jogging in because we were scared of being late. Little did we know that the bus would be delayed by almost five hours. It was a very long wait at the station, but we finally hit the road and the rest of the weekend was a blast

PenangIt was my second time in Penang and I was pleasantly surprised. The first time I was there I didn’t think much of the place, but this time it was just amazing. It really felt like I was in Thailand!
Penang Penang PenangIt looks like a small fishing village doesn’t it? It was so cozy with the small boats, the flags blowing in the wind and the beautiful and breathtaking scenery. Hopefully  Iget to go back before moving to Europe.  Penang

Have you ever been to Penang?

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A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini


Published in 2007 by Afghan-American Khaled Hosseini “A Thousand Splendid Suns” tells the tale of faith, war and the life of two Afghan women and those they love. The book is a deep and heartfelt story of the hardship of life during the Afghan war and what it’s like to live as a woman in a country with radical islamic views.

The first character we meet in the book is Mariam, a young soul with few worries as she runs around in the grass outside her kolba, a little hut, in a far away valley hidden away from the looks of by-passer towards someone like Mariam, a harami, a child born outside of marriage i.e a bastard. Her mind is sett that her dad loves her and will be loving and kind to her so against her mothers will she leaves her home one afternoon. She walks all the way to the city her father lives in to ask if she can come stay with him like the rest of his children.

The outcome of this request was not in any way what Mariam expected and before she knows it she is being married away to a man more than twice her age. She moves with him to a new city where she stays for the rest of her life.
Twenty years after Mariam moved with her husband we meet the family living next door to them and the book is now told from a young girls point of view. They end up having a, at first, forced close relationship and the story develops into a tragic tale of unconditional love for your children and long lost friendship and love.

I would highly recommend this book. It’s very fast paced and I finished it in just one day. It’s that good! I have not read any of his other books, but I’m planning on picking up “the kite runner” very soon. My mum read it a while back and loved it, but we only have it in norwegian and I struggle with the vocabulary in those kind of books in norwegian so I’ll have to find it in english instead.

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Just keep breathing.

I have never fully appreciated clean, fresh, nice air. Until now. We have heaps of haze and smog here in KL. I had morning practise this morning and had to leave my house at 5:30 am. I looked up my building and I couldn’t see anything. I looked up and all I could see was white greyish smog. I looked around and it’s all grey and miserable and from that moment on I know this was gonna be a shit day. I got to school and due to the air pollution we had to workout inside in the gym. Let’s just say, the gym is not built for a whole track team. I checked the official measurements for air quality. Everything up until around 70 is normal. When you hit 95 you are in trouble and should put a face-mask on. In KL today it’s 155. 155. Let that sink in for a minute. I have asthma, but it’s usually no problems and I very rarely  use my ventolin, but lately I’ve been addicted to that shit. I can’t express how badly I want clean nice air and to be able to run outside again.


Luckily I’m going to Penang in exactly one week. I’m taking a road trip with friends to the beach and I can’t wait. I’m so super excited! Before that though, I’m taking a trip to Singapore with the Track&Field team for a meet. Well, that is if the haze goes away a bit more. Right now in Singapore it’s 145 so not as bad as Kuala Lumpur, but still considered dangerous and unhealthy to do sports in. We’ll see what happens. Image

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If you could have one superpower, what would you choose?

To take a stand point is to stand for what you believe in and to be true to yourself. I’m constantly deceiving myself with lie upon lie about how I feel in certain situations, about certain people and about who I am. I would like to say that I’m 100% myself around those I call my friends, but I often find myself saying things I don’t feel or believe in. All because I’m trying to fit in with the norms of society and the stereotypes I, and most people in this world, are influenced by. I cover up my physical flaws with makeup, shiny clothing or jewelry items that will draw attention away from what I don’t like about myself. I redirect, or at least I try, peoples attention to something that society approves and considers “beautiful”, “pretty” or even “attractive”. Lets look at the facts, how many girls wear those rocket high heels because they are comfortable and good to walk in? In nine out of ten cases the answer is no one. They just make your legs look longer and that’s what society think is “nice”. I do this myself and this brings me back to my topic of taking a stand point. The next time I go out will I bow for the world and put on what others want to see me in or should I go with what I feel comfortable and good in?Image

That covers the physical portion of this struggle with believing in yourself and staying true to who you are. The second, and arguable most important part is your mental state. What goes on inside you. The part of you that is hidden and concealed for the world and only you have access to. I’ve often had the question “if you could have one superpower, what would you choose” thrown at me and my first immediate answer that pops to my head is the ability to read other peoples mind. I’ve always wondered what goes on in peoples head. What is the girl sitting next to me on the bus really thinking about what she just said? Did she only pay me that compliment to be nice and secretly meant the opposite? Until recently this would have been my number one superhero power, but I’ve changed my point of view slightly for several reasons.


 The song Brave by Sara Bereilles encourages people to “say what you wanna say and let the word fall out honestly. I wanna see you be brave.” This song is one of the main reasons why I no longer want to read peoples mind. She is claiming that letting all your thoughts and feelings out is the brave path, but what if these words hurt people? Is it not brave to protect the people you love even if you hold something back? In my books it sure is. I think it is possible to take a standpoint by, yes, being completely honest and letting it all out, but on the contradictory side taking a stand point to protect someone is also very brave. Image

 Some people in my life are people that I don’t necessarily would have chosen to be friends with, but through series of coincidences and, in the lack of a better word, faith I’m next to and forced to like. Society demands me to be nice and friendly with them and I can’t do anything else than to accept and consent to this. I don’t see eye to eye with these individuals, but it’s for the best. I’m taking a standpoint to be respectful and polite to avoid hurting someones feelings even when I don’t agree with the life choices they are making. For a relationship, regardless of it being romantic or just friendly, there needs to be a two-way connection and if one person isn’t feeling that connection I’m sure the other one can’t either. This is why I wouldn’t like to be able to read peoples minds. I know deep down inside they are not really my friend and I’m not theirs, but due to mutual respect we both keep quiet and play along. Isn’t that what life really is? One long play where we all are actors and everyone plays the main character?

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Next year.

It’s decided. I now know what I’m doing next year and I have some mixed feelings towards it. I will be taking a gap year abroad and then re-apply to universities next year. It’s not that I didn’t get in where I wanted to go and my offers are great, but I’m just not ready to make a decision that will shape the rest of my life. I will therefore be working in Norway until christmas time and backpacking in South America for the remaining months. I’m over the moon excited and cannot wait to experience the culture and feel of Latin America first hand. I’ve previously been to all continents apart from two and this is one of them! My plan is to learn spanish and to travel across as many countries as possible and just have a blast. Where will the road then take me? I don’t know, but at least I’ll have a great time finding out.

IMG_1590 IMG_1621

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1004 followers and 471 likes.

The pressure to be the best and look the best is always there. Everywhere we turn and look we see people that have longer hair than us, better skin, whiter teeth. There is always something someone else does better than us. Or they have a quality that we admirer and want to improve within ourself. We all have someone we look up to and inspire to be more like. The feeling of being satisfied with who we are is rear and feels unknown and uncomfortable. At least for me.

Take Instagram for example. The last two days, no lets make that two years, I’ve spend endless hours obsessing over girls that have thousands of followers. I’ve studied their faces and bodies on my tiny iPhone screen until my eye have become red and sore from all the staring. I just don’t understand why I do that to myself? If I think about this rationally, staring at selfies girls have posted online gives me nothing in return, but I still do it and I try to gain likes and followers myself like a crazy person under some kind of spell. And I just did it again. I took a break from writing this piece and checked if I had gained any new followers or if someone liked my last post. For clarity, no change. Still at 1004 followers and 471 likes on my last photo which, and don’t take this as a surprise, is a selfie.


A spell is the only reasoning I can come up with for why I spend all this time on an app like Instagram. Society and its pressure to be “perfect” has me under a spell that I just cannot break free from. I recognise that I’m under it, yet I continue to download apps that will supposedly increase my number of “followers” and give me more “likes” on my photos. I can’t stop. I’m addicted to it.

All Instagram gives me is an increased felling of pressure to have the perfect hair and long black eyelashes and a slim body with thigh gap, but still a big booty and bouncy boobs. I see so many flaws in myself that I try to cover up and to hid from the world, that the things other people might see in me slips away like sand running through fingers.

I don’t look at myself and see the good things. I see my big chunky nose that I hate to bits, I see my acne scaring around my mouth and cheeks and my skinny upper lip that I would do anything to inject some restylane or botox in. I’m trying to think how I can change my view of myself, but instead I end up googling how to gain more “followers” on Instagram. Why? Why do I do this? I want to change but I can’t break the spell that has been cast upon me. I need to find a way to stop comparing myself to photoshopped images of something I can never achieve. It’s like trying to grow a third arm. It can only be done through surgery and I haven’t fallen that deep into the spell. Yet.

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stars123double starsvenstre star

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Pulau Redang

Perfection in the form of a beach.

IMG_4103 IMG_4110 IMG_4116 IMG_4127 IMG_4128 IMG_4130 IMG_7436 IMG_7443 IMG_7478 IMG_7484

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Viet Nam, Ho Chi Minh City

More photos from my amazing weekend trip to Vietnam!

IMG_7548 IMG_7684 IMG_8023 IMG_8094 IMG_7567 IMG_7621 IMG_7628 IMG_7653 IMG_7840 IMG_7852 IMG_7981 IMG_8022 IMG_8024

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Chua Vinh Nghiem

I’m back from Vietnam after a lovely three day weekend in Ho Chi Minh City to celebrate Chinese New Year. I will make a separate post about it after this because I have so much to share!

On the second day in Ho Chin Minh City we took a trip to Chua Vinh Nghiem, a pagoda located in District 3. I love going to temples and cultural sites, so for me it was a great visit, for my youngest brother on the other hand, didn’t enjoy it quite as much. Which is understandable, he is younger and is more interested in doing what he classifies as “fun stuff”. Chua Vinh Nghien is the first pagoda in Vietnam to be built in Vietnamese traditional style, but with concrete. I did think it would be larger than what it actually what, but it was still fascinating and spectacular.

IMG_7770 IMG_7785 IMG_7790 IMG_7764 IMG_7768 IMG_7772 IMG_7773 IMG_7779

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